Testing MPTT models

Using testing generators

Using testing generators such as model_mommy or model_bakery is causing random tree fields values, which can cause unexpected behavior. To prevent that the django-mptt.MPTTModel will throw an Exception if made through model_mommy/model_bakery in test environment unless the MPTT_ALLOW_TESTING_GENERATORS setting is set to True.

You can set the MPTT_ALLOW_TESTING_GENERATORS setting to True in your Django testing settings.py file or by the @override_settings decorator for particular test. You would probably also have to use recipe and explicitly set the appropriate fields for the model.

from django.test import override_settings
from baker.recipe import Recipe

def test_mptt_allow_testing_generators(self):
    my_model_recipe = Recipe(MyMPTTModel, lft=None, rght=None)
    test_model_instance = my_model_recipe.make()